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Welcome to TierwohlSiegel.eu - Europe's Platform for Ethical Animal Welfare!
We are delighted to welcome you to our website, the hub for ethical and dignified animal welfare in Europe. Here at TierwohlSiegel.eu, we advocate for the well-being of livestock, fish, wildlife, and bees, promoting cross-border certification for the welfare of animals.
Our goal is to provide farmers, livestock keepers, shepherds, butchers, vintners, fishermen, beekeepers, and all those involved in animal feeding and husbandry a platform where they can learn about best practices in ethical animal care. We believe in ethical and compassionate animal husbandry on both land and in the sea.
What do we offer you at TierwohlSiegel.eu?
Regional Support: We are your regional go-to resource for all matters related to animals. Whether you are a farmer, livestock keeper, shepherd, butcher, vintner, fisherman, beekeeper, or involved in animal feed production and husbandry technology, you will find valuable resources and information here.
Library and Shop: Explore our library, which contains a wealth of books, laws, and literature on ethical animal welfare. Visit our shop to discover the tools and resources you need to enhance the well-being of your animals.
Cross-Border Certifications: Our certifications are cross-border and voluntary. Since 2014, farmers, fishermen, and hunters have been mutually supporting and monitoring each other to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare.
Focus on Beekeepers: Since 2020, beekeepers also support and monitor their colleagues to ensure the well-being of bees and the quality of honey.
EU Guidelines and Hygiene: Producing, transporting, and processing facilities adhere to EU animal welfare guidelines and hygiene regulations to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare and food safety.
Our mission is to raise awareness of ethical animal husbandry and provide you with the tools and information you need to actively participate.
Remember, "Those who read, endure. Those who write, leave a legacy!" We look forward to your participation and commitment to the welfare of animals.
With animal-friendly regards,
The TierwohlSiegel.eu Team